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Actually, I wanted to photograph last September on the border between city and nature, and had a series in black and white with harsh contrasts, blurs, and lots of noise in mind. I wanted to do the exact opposite of what I’ve photographed so far, and become more experimental. Get out of the comfort zone! The area and time were firmly anchored in my brain: the blue hour in the early morning should be. The will was there, but somehow I’m not an early riser. Therefore, several attempts failed because I wanted to ignore the alarm clock. At some point I had the faxing fat, and finally broke up quite spontaneously in the late afternoon to take pictures in the blue hour in the evening. Just look what’s up. Here are a few of the results:

From the result of the evening, I can put several series and get as approaches for more image sections. But: I do with the later attaching more pictures usually hard. At the moment the photos are all together. They form a series about a walk along the border between dream and reality. I thought that was a nice thought. The night has something mystical, mysterious for me. The perception blurs, and there is room for imagination.

The pictures are somewhere between #Landscape photography, #Night shots, and #Streetphotography. In this context, I recently met the term “Human Landscapes”, which I find very nice. But first I stay with my first thought #Nightscapes, until I think of something better

Some of the images may well fit into my book project tidal streams . Let’s see how the story goes on.

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